Body, Mind & Soul are a team and inner balance is what creates a magical feeling of flow. 

This is when synchronicities arise & beautiful aligned manifestations show up. 

It’s a healing journey to embrace guidance of our heart & quiet the mind without suppressing it.  

Self-love, Self-acceptance & Self-trust empower the voice of our heart. 

Suppressed feelings of shame, guilt, anger, fear, limiting beliefs, past wounds & other blockages need to be released.  

On our way to be ourselves and to feel more ease, love, peace and joy. 

This program is for you when you recognize yourself in one or more of these points:

🌹You have a deep desire for growth

🌹You’re longing for more pleasure & joy

🌹You find it difficult to fully accept who you are

🌹You would like to connect more with your wishes, dreams and needs

🌹You are missing clarity on your next steps

🌹You want to follow your heart but you feel blockages, fears and doubts

🌹You have a difficult time letting go



Live your truth. Release blockages and limiting beliefs that are holding you back in simply being yourself.
Connect with your beautiful, unique energy essence.


Our DIVINE FEMININE energy connects us to our heart, our intuition, our soul and our true self. It's time to balance our feminine and masculine energy. Letting the heart lead and taking the mind by the hand to follow and execute inspired action.


If everything would be possible...You are learning to connect back to your dreams.
Universe gave them to you for a reason.
Everything you can imagine and feel is yours.
Your biggest ambitions, your desired experiences:
It's time to dream out loud!


My offers have the purpose to connect your back to your power and live your dreams courageously. Learn that your soul path is meant to be walked with creativity, ease, love and joy.

Contact me for a clarity call and lets talk how I can best support you on your healing journey.

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We set up a call

This is what you are achieving
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Creative Flow


ABOUT Katia Giry - Self-Love Coach

Hi wonderful soul,

it’s nice to meet you. I would love to introduce myself.

* Certified Personal & Business-Coach (Psychological Counselor)
* Certified Hypnosis-Coach & Reiki Healer
* I love to work with the subconcious, with emotions & with energies
* Human Design, Hypnosis, Reiki & Body Work are some of my tools
* I am Manifesting Generator 2.5
* My challenges & self-experiences lead me to my vocation
* I lead people to their shadows & thus to their light. I have a defined tantric energy channel in my Human Design supporting me to alchemize your lower vibrations into higher vibrations
* As twinless twin I experienced a deep fear of loss and deep sadness
* Self-doubt, feeling of loneliness & fear of loss were no strangers to me
* Little by little I solved deep seated fears and limiting beliefs to feel abundance
* Abundance to me is: to feel safe in my body, inner peace, joy, to feel whole, be aware of my emotions and let them guide me, self-acceptance, trusting myself and taking inspired actions to build the life of my dreams.
* I live in Mexico, Playa del Carmen
* I love a colourful world with limitless possibilities in which everyone can  be who they are

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77710 Playa del Carmen


Email : kontakt@katia-giry.de